Astronomers Have Detected ‘Strange Signals’ Coming From A Small, Dim Star 11 Light-Years Away From Earth

Astronomers Have Detected Strange Signals Coming From a Star

Astronomers say they’ve detected mysterious signals that might be coming from a small, dim star situated about 11 light-years away from Earth.They have picked up the mysterious signals on May 12 using the Arecibo Observatory, a large astronomical telescope built inside a Puerto Rican sinkhole. The radio signals seem to

The Sun is ‘Sneezing’ Solar Storms Capable of Wiping Out The Technology We Are So Dependent On

solar storm

Huge solar flares are generally accompanied by coronal mass ejections which may trigger geomagnetic storms that are best-known to disable satellites and knock out terrestrial electrical power grids for extended periods of time. The Sun is stirring up violent eruptions which are capable of wiping out the technology that are

A Group of Scientists and Diplomats Says We Have Three Years to Save The Planet From Irreversible Destruction


Our Planet ravaged by temperature change could seem sort of a distant future. however Earth is already experiencing effects these days. In the whole world, the minimum rate of sea water level rise enhanced 50 % within the last twenty years. In 2017, atmospheric temperatures have already outstretched their highest

Archaeologists at the Universities of Sheffield and York Uncovered Hudge Viking Army Camp in England

The researchers at Universities of Sheffield and York Uncovered have found some 300 lead game pieces and gold silver and other metals using metal detectors as evidence to prove the existence of bigger army encampment of Vikings which was not meant to just loot and go back to Scandinavia. These pieces indicates that